Small projector for a big things! This complete home entertainment system connects to all your devices and compact enough to fit perfect in your bag. It never was so easy and fun to watch your favorite films at home! You can take it anywhere you go - cute designed, super sized, this item would be your best friend and «anti-bore-system» on every journey. You better grab that!


Packed with the features of a $500+ projector, the Vuecube will deliver a movie theater experience at a fraction of the cost. Use the Vuecube  everywhere, in the meeting, camping or at home, the possibilities are endless. 

With a vast array of connectivity options, its portability, and its strong battery life ensure that no matter what you need, it is always there for you.
Keep it in your hand, watch your favorite videos on the go.


Equipped with the advanced cooling system, the Vuecube has a good thermal performance so that you do not need to worry about overheating after a longtime working. It supports AV/ CVBS/ HDMI/ USB multimedia interfaces. With this you can connect it to DVD player, Laptops, Computers, Set-top boxes, and Gaming consoles etc. 

It adopts high capacity lithium-ion 1300mAh battery, which can last for several hours, long enough. Thus you have no need to look for a socket around to charge it when using.

In conclusion, the Vuecube with an affordable price, can replace the large sized LCD TV in market perfectly. Much less, it is fashionable enough and powerful enough. With it, you can enjoy large screen movies with friends and families at home. Also it helps in giving the presentation at large size screen at business and companies.

*UPDATE* - Since launching early last autumn, the Vuecube proved to be so popular, we sold over 128,000 units and over 32,000 units during the holiday sale. Due to its popularity and long waiting list, we decided to extend the holiday sale and the 74% OFF discount.

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