SpeedGuard Radar Detector Manual

Package Content: 1x SpeedGuard Unit, 1x Power (Lighter Socket) Cable, 1x Non Slip Mat, 1x Instruction Manual.


 SpeedGuard Radar Detector Unit :



Operating Instructions:

We built the SpeedGuard with ease of use in mind so we tried to keep it as simple as possible.

1. Plug the power cable into your car's lighter socket. The red light on top of the power adaptor should light on, if not , press the button to light up.

2. Insert power cable in the SpeedGuard's power cable socket. The unit will boot up with screen powering on and voice command on.


3. Once the boot up sequence have taken place (1-3 seconds) , the unit is ready to use and scanning for radar signals.

4. To switch the unit's language press the Menu button for 3 seconds. You can cycle through languages by keep pressing it for 3 seconds for each language.

5. The SpeedGuard have two detection modes: City Mode and Highway Mode. In city mode the scanner is not as sensitive to make sure it keeps the false alarms to a minimum. To switch between City and HighWay mode , press the Menu button (short press). The voice command will confirm the mode and also the letter H (for HighWay) or C (for City) will be displayed on screen.

6. Volume up - press UP button repeatedly until the desired volume level is achieved.

7. Volume Down - press DN button repeatedly until the desired volume level is achieved.

8. Voice command- to switch the voice commands off, press the DN button for 3 seconds. To switch it back on, press it again for 3 seconds.

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